For the environment the passage of such equipment is considered harmless by ecologists since the top layer of soil under the wide rubber-metal tracks is not destroyed and the vegetation cover of the track remains practically intact. The tracks installed on the Beaver are assembled from tracks

This is a significant saving on transportation services.

In conditions of virgin snow swamps sand of any density such a strong and large-area hitch shoes with a coating provides excellent driving performance to the equipmentIn floating mode when crossing rivers and reservoirs wide tracks perfectly replace screw blades. The Beaver is a unique swamp walker! It allows you to swim across water bodies right away. In addition it can simply stand in the water from it you can fish like from a boat says Evgeny enthusiastically showing a video with unusual features of a snowmobile in addition the Beaver does not require a special permit for driving on public roads.

Due to the rubber tracks it does not cause damage to the asphalt.

I find it very convenient to start your journey directly from the city.